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Vow Renewal Ceremony- five really good reasons to have one!

Bride & Groom & Child

1.Your legal marriage was held during Covid restrictions.

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is the Perfect Solution

Above all, You still want to say your vows to each other in front of those who love you!

(& maybe you want to wear The Wedding Dress one more time AND have a party!)

and because I live in the West of Ireland, I am gonna say that this is the best place to have that ceremony

– all those beautiful beaches and mountains AND the people!

2.You are married AGES – can we have a Vow Renewal?

and most importantly, you are still together!

In other words, You want to celebrate with a family bash that has meaning!

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is great for including family members as in addition,

it has action, romance and fun in the rituals.

older Couple with flowers
Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay

3. You have had a rough patch in your relationship.

Maybe it was sickness. Or it was an affair. Perhaps it was burnout. Who knows?

Most importantly, now you are on the road again and the truth is, you want to say so.

Unquestionably an intimate Vow Renewal Ceremony will work wonders!

Another key point is that all the elements of trust, honesty and love are there.

The West of Ireland is home to the best love story ever: Diarmuid & Grainne, from the mythical Fianna, who eloped.

4. It’s your wedding anniversary

You want a romantic weekend away.

Realistically, you would like to show how much you care, (and not just with chocolates and sexy lingerie)

Obviously, a Vow Renewal on a cliff top or in a Lighthouse in Ireland would add that extra Wow factor ! (And similarly, your back garden is just as great)

Vow Renewal Ceremony Venue on a cliff with a lighthouse
Clare Island Lighthouse

5. You had a big wedding years ago

However, maybe you felt that it was all about the details and afterwards you felt it was not really about you?

Now you undeniably want an intimate ceremony for just the two of you, like an elopement!

Moreover, all those restrictions during the pandemic made you realize how lucky you are to have each other and THAT is magic!

Therefore, just the two of you & a Vow Renewal would be incredibly potent.

Maybe in a quiet boutique hotel in Ireland.

There is more to life than champagne and roses (and let’s face it, it is more likely to be tea and toast- but that’s okay too).

Who has one?

Anyone can have one!

Are you in a committed relationship and would like to renew your vows? Go you!

Are you looking to celebrate your love for each other?

It’s important to realize that you both survived all those Lockdowns over 2020 and 2021 and equally important that you actually discovered more about each other?

Do you want to get that huge oxytocin hormone rush again?

First thing to remember is that huge buzz from hearing your lover say out loud that they love you and want to stay with you forever and ever? Boom!

Can you feel it already, just thinking about it?

I conclusion, it sounds like you are the Couple for a Vow Renewal Ceremony. It is quite the potent ceremony: a cocktail of love, trust and commitment.

In this ceremony you acknowledge all the years of love, laughter, tears and sheer determination that brought you to this day.

Couple strolling at sunset

What is a Vow Renewal ?

It is a celebration of the past and a commitment to the future!

 At your marriage, you said a vow about ‘for better or worse, in sickness and health’… And after a few years this phrase usually now has added meaning!

A Celebrant helps you decide if you want to write your own vows, and how to do this. They show the Ceremony might unfold, with your vision in mind. Choose something that reflects your lifestyle, that is unique and meaningful to you.

I have done a Vow Renewal Ceremony with a Tea and Toast ritual.. and it was beautiful.

I’ve never seen a Vow Renewal Ceremony, what happens?

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is unique to each couple as there are so many different customs. Celtic Handfasting or Oath Stones are popular!

Vow Renewal Ceremony Handfasting Ritual
Ina handfasting, the cords are draped- ‘tying the knot’
Oath Stones on a beach
Hands are placed on the stones


Oath Stones are another Celtic ritual- The hands are placed on a stone as the vow is said: thus casting them in stone. 

The Ceremony can include music, flowers, wine, and readings: it is your day and your Celebrant casts the net wide with ideas for you. You can make a grand entrance or simply arrive, you can have the jazz trio or a Spotify playlist, a sit-down meal or a barbeque or a picnic. It’s yours to play with.

Can I have it Anywhere?

Anywhere! Inside or outside, in a hotel or on a beach, in a ruin or woodland, in a lighthouse or on a boat, in your home or garden – it is your day and there are no limits to your imagination.

The West of Ireland is rich in geography, varied and easily accessible. There are magical sunrises and sunsets, which make for wonderful photos! There are so many beaches that it is hard to pick one that is more perfect than the rest.

The sky is the limit, literally, as I am not a fan of skydiving.

Helicopter on lawn of a hotel in West of Ireland




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